iPRI signs MOU in Peru

iPRI signs MOU in Peru

December 18, 2019

Lima, December 12th, 2019 – Auna and the International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI) have today signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to become the reference on prevention for major chronic non-communicable diseases in Latin America.

With this agreement, both organisations would set an array of initiatives focused on developing an evidence-based Prevention Programme in Peru and the region. The main aim of this venture is to mitigate the risk factors of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension or cardiopathy. 

“In Auna, we are committed to health prevention, education, research and development. That´s why we are proud to sign such an important cooperation agreement with a world leading organisation such as iPRI, providing us with the efective tools to assure the well-being of our collaborators, patients, affiliates, families and the Peruvian general population”, points out Dr. Luis Pinillos, President of the Board of Auna.

“I congratulate Auna for this important step towards the adoption of a new healthcare approach. The sedentary lifestyle in big cities is increasing the cases of chronic non-communicable diseases among the population. Our scientific studies, carried out in several contintents, allow us to evidence the importance of having education and research programmes in prevention in order to decrease the risk factors of these diseases. For iPRI it has been important to find a strategic partner with renowned medical and academic credentions allowing for the exchange of good practices benefiting Peru and Latin America“, mentioned Dr. Peter Boyle, President of iPRI.

A positive impact for over a million Peruvians

The alliance with iPRI will allow Auna to start developing an ambitious programme to implement a prevention culture which educates the general population in the promotion of healthier lifestyles.

This programme, which will be set up throughout next year, will start with the 6,000 employees of the Auna network and their families. In this first stage, risk factors related to chronic diseases will be identified, allowing for the design of personalized intervention policies.

With the lessons learnt during this first phase, the program will evolve into a second stage incorporating almost 950,000 Auna affiliates in Peru. 

About iPRI

The International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI) is an independent research institute with a staff of demonstrated world-class excellence and leadership. iPRI has unparalleled experience in epidemiological research and macro health planning with a record of delivering real health and economic value to a range of public and private sources including governments, universities, research institutes, non-governmental organisations and large multi-national concerns. 

About Auna

Auna is a regional healthcare network with nearly 6,000 employees in Peru and Colombia, operating in several business units that includes running hospitals in the cities of Lima, Arequipa, Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo in Peru and Medellin in Colombia. Auna is leader in Peru in oncology protection and treatment.

We are committed to the promotion, prevention, education, research and innovation of health in Peru and the region. Our purpose is transform and improve the health of the communities where we serve through high-quality healthcare services and solutions, the most advanced technology and infraestructure and the most qualified medical and professional collaborators. 

Our portafolio of hospitals, medical centres and healthcare brands includes among others: Oncosalud, Clínica Delgado (Lima), Clínica Bellavista (Callao), Clínica Vallesur (Arequipa), Clínica Miraflores (Piura), Clínica Camino Real (Trujillo), Servimédicos (Chiclayo), Auna Laboratory (Lima), Auna Cantella Workforce Health (Lima), Clínica Oncosalud (Lima), Radioncology Centre (Lima), Auna School (Lima), Promotora Médica las Américas (Medellín), Clínica Las Américas (Medellín), Clínica del Sur (Medellín), IDC Las Américas (Medellín) and Las Américas Foundation (Medellín).

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