NCID 2019

NCID 2019

June 18, 2019

The fourteenth meeting of National Cancer Institute Directors will take place in Lyon between 10th and 12th July, 2019 as decided last year. The previous meeting attracted 110 participants from 60 countries at varying levels of income and resource. The 2019 meeting has already attracted a great deal of interest and several projects initiated at our last meetings have come to fruition and the results will be presented this year. Notably, there will be a mini-Symposium regarding up-to-date treatment and screening for Lung Cancer.

This year there will be presentations of important milestones. There will be a presentation of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the National Cancer Hospital (Hospital K in Vietnam). We will also celebrate the tenth Anniversary of the founding of the International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI) and the programme will benefit from the input of the patient perspective (IAPO).

The World Prevention Alliance medal will be presented to Luis Pinillos Ashton and Carlos Vallejos Sologuren, Rajendra A Badwe and Nise Yamaguchi in recognition of their outstanding contribution to Oncology.

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