Boyle gave inaugural lecture at Calisia World Conference

Boyle gave inaugural lecture at Calisia World Conference

June 18, 2019

On 10th June 2019, Peter Boyle gave the inaugural lecture on ‘Health, Wellbeing and the Family’ at the Calisia World Conference on Family Health.

Professor Boyle noted that ill-health, in particular chronic ill-health, can have a profound effect on the family as well as the individual. Health is more than the absence of sickness. The presence of disability, both physical and mental, can also have a profound effect. One of the commonest problems in a family is the issue of domestic violence, man on women but not infrequently woman on man and, of course, both men and women on children. The problem of domestic violence is underestimated, is frequently fuelled by alcohol consumption, and ranges in its severity. Unemployment puts a burden of individuals, families and the community at large: the unemployment rate is currently 27% in South Africa. The presence of conflict can be a major strain on health and wellbeing.

In terms of Health and Wellbeing, more consideration should be given to the collective effect on the Family as well as to the individual effected. Promoting the development of the individual and the Family means supporting and caring for every human person.

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