Dr Otis Brawley joins Johns Hopkins

Dr Otis Brawley joins Johns Hopkins

January 25, 2019

Dr Otis Brawley, iPRI Senior Research Fellow, has taken up the position of Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Oncology and Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University. He leaves his position at the American Cancer Society where he was extremely influential in contributing to improving many aspects of oncological practice.

Dr Brawley is a distinguished figure in many aspects of Medical Practice and an authority on cancer screening and prevention who served as chief medical and scientific officer for the American Cancer Society and director of the Georgia Cancer Center at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

He will lead a broad interdisciplinary research effort of cancer health disparities at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre. He will focus on working to close racial, economic, and social disparities in the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer in the United States and worldwide. He will also direct community outreach programs for underserved populations throughout Maryland as the Kimmel Cancer Center’s associate director for community outreach and engagement.

Dr Brawley has been a long-time, close collaborator with the International Prevention Research Institute and the World Prevention Alliance, its charitable Foundation. Otis is admired by many doctors and scientists worldwide where his wisdom and practical sense of what needs to be done is widely appreciated. He has mentored, directly or indirectly, a large number of people involved in Oncology in many parts of the world.

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