Medal presented to Miklós Kásler

Medal presented to Miklós Kásler

August 26, 2018

Professor Miklós Kásler is a head and neck surgeon who became Director of the National Oncology Institute in Budapest, Hungary in 1986. Since 1994 he has been Professor at Semmelweis University.

As Director of the National Institute of Oncology he successfully established the National Cancer Control Program in 1993. Through this and other leadership activities he has greatly influence the development of Oncology in Hungary.

Not only did he arise to national prominence in Hungary but he also developed an international reputation extending his leadership role in Hungary to having a major influence in the region of Central Europe.

In May 2018, he stepped down as Director of the National Oncology Institute when he became the Minister of Human Capacities of the Government of Hungary. The Ministry of Human Capacities is responsible for the functioning of the national healthcare and welfare system in Hungary, the development of school education from nursery to university, the protection of national cultural heritage, promotion of the interests of children and the young, and the realisation of government aims related to sport in Hungary.

At the annual meeting of the National Cancer Institute Directors (July, 2018) Professor Kásler was presented with the World Prevention Alliance/International Prevention Research Institute medal in recognition of his contribution to Cancer Control.

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