Cancer is… Attacking Africa (59-min version)

Cancer is… Attacking Africa (59-min version)

February 2, 2017

Show it in your school, university, NGO, UN organization… Let us know how it went!

Cancer is… Attacking Africa was produced in two versions. This is the full length 59-minute version. This film is the fifth full length documentary film on cancer co-produced by Cemil Alyanak and Peter Boyle.

The film takes us through Africa’s troubled cancer panorama revealing problems that, if not addressed immediately, will result in senseless suffering and death. Our hope is that, once again, all will not allow another African Public Health emergency to slip us by. Below is the 59 minute version of the film. There is also a 22-minute version available.

Discover what’s wrong but also what’s right in the current fight! Indeed, there are some heroes who are not taking the spread of cancer in Africa sitting down. Experience Dr. Anne Merriman providing palliative care in Uganda or Dr. Mamadou Diop scraping together resources to treat his patients in Dakar. And to think that they do not really need that much to succeed. If only they could have it.

You can also watch the abridged 22-minute version by clicking here.

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