Articles Published in 2016

Articles Published in 2016

January 4, 2016

Mullie P, Pizot C, Autier P. Daily milk consumption and all-cause mortality, coronary heart disease and stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational cohort studies. BMC Public Health. 2016 Dec 8;16(1):1236. [PMID:27927192]

d’Onofrio A. Spatio-temporal epidemic models and public health: Comment on “Pattern transitions in spatial epidemics: Mechanisms and emergent properties” by Gui-Quan Sun et al. Phys Life Rev. 2016 Dec;19:76-78. [PMID:27816411]

Frost A, Wilkinson M, Boyle P, Patel P, Sullivan R. An assessment of the barriers to accessing the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) in Afghanistan: was the BPHS a success? Global Health. 2016 Nov 15;12(1):71. [PMID:27846910]

Boyle P, Koechlin A, Bota M, d’Onofrio A, Zaridze DG, Perrin P, Fitzpatrick J, Burnett AL, Boniol M. Endogenous and exogenous testosterone and the risk of prostate cancer and increased prostate specific antigen (PSA): a meta-analysis. BJU Int. 2016 Nov;118(5):731-741. [PMID: 26779889]

Noyel G, Jourlin M. Spatio-colour Asplünd ‘s metric and Logarithmic Image Processing for Colour Images (LIPC) CIARP2016 – XXI IberoAmerican Congress on Pattern Recognition, Nov 2016, Lima, Peru. 2016

Oliveira AG, Curado MP, Koechlin A, Oliveira JC, Silva DR. Incidence and mortality from colon and rectal cancer in Midwestern Brazil. Rev Bras Epidemiol. 2016 Oct-Dec;19(4):779-790. [PMID: 28146167]

Hussain SF, Boyle P, Patel P and Sullivan R. Eradicating polio in Pakistan: an analysis of the challenges and solutions to this security and health issue. Globalization and Health. 2016 Oct 12;12(1):63. [PMID:27729081]

Mullie P, Clarys P, Autier P. Artificially Sweetened Beverage Consumption During Pregnancy and Infant Body Mass Index. JAMA Pediatrics. 2016 Nov 1;170(11):1117. [PMID: 27669522]

Autier P, Pizot C. Meaningless METS: studying the link between physical activity and health. ß Editorial BMJ. 2016 Aug 9;354:i4200. [PMID: 27510802]

Mertens E, Clarys P, Mullie P, Lefevre J, Charlier R, Knaeps S, Huybrechts I, Deforche B. Stability of physical activity, fitness components and diet quality indices. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2016 Sep 14. doi: 10.1038/ejcn.2016.172. [Epub ahead of print]; [PMID: 27623984]

D’Onofrio A, Mazzetta C., Robertson C, Smans M, Boyle P, Boniol M. Maps and Atlases of Cancer Mortality: a review of a useful tool to trigger new questions. Ecancermedicalscience.

Dancer SJ, Christison F, Eslami A, Gregori A, Miller R, Perisamy K, Robertson C, Graves N. Is it worth screening elective orthopaedic patients for carriage of Staphylococcus aureus? A part-retrospective case-control study in a Scottish hospital. BMJ Open. 2016 Sep 6;6(9):e011642. [PMID: 27601492]

Tagliabue E, Gandini S, García-Borrón JC, Maisonneuve P, Newton-Bishop J, Polsky D, Lazovich D, Kumar R, Ghiorzo P, Ferrucci L, Gruis NA, Puig S, Kanetsky PA, Motokawa T, Ribas G, Landi MT, Fargnoli MC, Wong TH, Stratigos A, Helsing P, Guida G, Autier P, Han J, Little J, Sera F, Raimondi S; M-SKIP Study group. Association of Melanocortin-1 Receptor Variants with Pigmentary Traits in Humans: A Pooled-Analysis from the M-SKIP Project. J Invest Dermatol. 2016 Sep;136(9):1914-7. [PMID: 27251790]

Puszynski K, Gandolfi A, d’Onofrio A. The role of stochastic gene switching in determining the pharmacodynamics of certain drugs: basic mechanisms. J Pharmacokinet Pharmacodyn. 2016 Aug;43(4):395-410.[PMID: 27352096]

Aggarwal A, Lewison G, Idir S, Peters M, Aldige C, Boerckel W, Boyle P, Trimble EL, Roe P, Sethi T, Fox J, Sullivan R. The state of lung cancer research: a global analysis. J Thorac Oncol. 2016 Jul;11(7):1040-50. [PMID: 27013405]

Autier P. Age at cancer diagnosis and interpretation of survival statistics. Lancet Oncol. 2016 Jul;17(7):847-8. [PMID: 27237615]

Stang A, Garbe C, Autier P, Jöckel KH. The many unanswered questions related to the German skin cancer screening programme. Eur J Cancer. 2016 Jun 29;64:83-88. [PMID: 27371911]

Autier P, Boniol M. Adjunctive ultrasonography for breast cancer screening. Lancet. 2016 Jun 11;387(10036):2380. [PMID: 27312307]

de Franciscis S, Caravagna G, Mauri G, d’Onofrio A. Gene switching rate determines response to extrinsic perturbations in the self-activation transcriptional network motif. Sci Rep. 2016 Jun 3;6:26980. [PMID: 27256916]

Autier P, Boniol M, Smans M, Sullivan R, Boyle P. Observed and Predicted Risk of Breast Cancer Death in Randomized Trials on Breast Cancer Screening. PLoS One. 2016 Apr 21;11(4):e0154113. [PMID: 27100174]

Mullie P, Autier P, Boyle P. Letter by Mullie et al Regarding Article, “Estimated Global, Regional, and National Disease Burdens Related to Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in 2010”. Circulation. 2016 Apr 12;133(15):e595. [PMID: 27067091]

Schweitzer C, Korobelnik JF, Boniol M, Cougnard-Gregoire A, Le Goff M, Malet F, Rougier MB, Delyfer MN, Dartigues JF, Delcourt C. Associations of Biomechanical Properties of the Cornea With Environmental and Metabolic Factors in an Elderly Population: The ALIENOR Study. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2016 Apr 1;57(4):2003-11. [PMID: 27100157]

Mullie P, Boniol M, Autier P. Study on potato consumption will increase confusion regarding food and the risk of gestational diabetes. BMJ. 2016 Mar 2;352:i1188. [PMID:26936648]

Palmer TJ, McFadden M, Pollock KG, Kavanagh K, Cuschieri K, Cruickshank M, Nicoll S, Robertson C. HPV immunisation and increased uptake of cervical screening in Scottish women; observational study of routinely collected national data. Br J Cancer. 2016 Mar 1;114(5):576-81. [PMID: 26794278]

Autier P. Efficient Treatments Reduce the Cost-Efficiency of Breast Cancer Screening. Ann Intern Med. 2016 Feb 16;164(4):297-8. [PMID: 26756790]

Saiag P, Aegerter P, Boniol M. Response. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2016 Feb 23;108(4). pii: djw015. [PMID: 26912670]

Autier P. Efficient Treatments Reduce the Cost-Efficiency of Breast Cancer Screening. Ann Intern Med. 2016 Feb 16;164(4):297-8. [PMID: 26756790]

Autier P. Vitamin D status as a synthetic biomarker of health status. Endocrine. 2016 Feb;51(2):201-2. [PMID: 26718192]

Zheng T, Zhang J, Sommer K, Bassig BA, Zhang X, Braun J, Xu S, Boyle P, Zhang B, Shi K, Buka S, Liu S, Li Y, Qian Z, Dai M, Romano M, Zou A, Kelsey K. Effects of Environmental Exposures on Fetal and Childhood Growth Trajectories. Ann Glob Health. 2016 Jan-Feb;82(1):41-99. [PMID: 27325067]

Pizot C, Boniol M, Mullie P, Koechlin A, Boniol M, Boyle P, Autier P. Physical activity, hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer risk: A meta-analysis of prospective studies. Eur J Cancer. 2016 Jan;52:138-154. [PMID: 26687833]

Fortes C, Mastroeni S, Bonamigo R, Mannooranparampil T, Marino C, Michelozzi P, Passarelli F, Boniol M. Can ultraviolet radiation act as a survival enhancer for cutaneous melanoma? Eur J Cancer Prev. 2016 Jan;25(1):34-40. [PMID: 25646933]

Mullie P, Koechlin A, Boniol M, Autier P, Boyle P. Relation between Breast Cancer and High Glycemic Index or Glycemic Load: A Meta-analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2016 Jan 2;56(1):152-9. [PMID: 25747120]

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