Paul Ndom


Paul Ndom

Paul Ndom was born in Cameroon and graduated MD from the Faculty of Medicine (CUSS), University of Yaounde.

He is:

  • Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Yaounde I, in charge of training in oncology;
  • Head of Medical Oncology Service in Yaounde General Hospital since 1997;
  • President of an NGO called SOCHIMIO (;
  • Past President of African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC);
  • Past Director of INCTR in Cameroon;
  • Permanent Secretary of European and African Congress in Oncology since 2001;
  • Local PI in several research protocols in Yaounde in Kaposi sarcoma, Breast cancer, CML and AIDS-related malignancies.

"La grandeur d'un métier
est peut être avant tout
d'unir les hommes...

Antoine de St. Exupéry