André-Robert Grivegnée


André-Robert Grivegnée

André-Robert Grivegnée is Head of the Cancer Prevention and Screening Clinic at Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels.

As a radiologist, he is Head of the Senology Unit in the same Institution. He is Professor at the Free University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles). He is involved in Breast Screening Programs in Belgium and at the European Level and is Past-President of the Brussels Program for Breast Cancer Screening.

He is administrator of the Association against respiratory diseases (FARES). His Curriculum Vitae includes 102 articles and more than 200 presentations at national and international societies and symposia.

He participated in 7 European Research projects and is currently involved in a Project on Breast Cancer Risk Evolution. He is an active member of the EORTC Imaging group.

He developed a Project of Quality control of Digital Mammography in Breast Cancer Screening which is currently used in several National Screening Programs.

"La grandeur d'un métier
est peut être avant tout
d'unir les hommes...

Antoine de St. Exupéry