World Breast Cancer Report launched

World Breast Cancer Report launched

February 4, 2013

Washington DC, World Cancer Day, 4 February 2013 – Today, the 2012 World Breast Cancer Report was officially launched at the Global Women’s Cancer Summit. The 600-page report was authored by experts from a wide range of countries on all continents.

World Breast Cancer Report 2012

Cover page of the 2012 World Breast Cancer Report co-published by the World Prevention Alliance and Komen for the Cure

Breast cancer has been known and written about for millennia and has been the subject of research into its treatment and causes for centuries. Despite all this interest and activity, breast cancer remains a major and growing threat to global Public Health.

This Report set out to take a broad look at the global situation of breast cancer currently (2012) from both the treatment and prevention perspectives. While there is much good news, there are also some deeply disturbing aspects which require urgent attention. Breast cancer is a major global problem which requires much more attention in view of the disparities which exist and the rapidly increasing incidence and death rates, particularly in low-income countries.

Major themes running throughout the World Breast Cancer Report 2012 are the global nature of breast cancer; the rapid increase in incidence; disparities in awareness and response to symptoms among women; disparities in the availability of diagnostic facilities and treatment options and availability; and major disparities in breast disease cancer outcome.

The report can be purchased from the International Prevention Research Institute (iPRI). The cost ranges from EUR 20 to EUR 80 based on the resource level of the country of residence (we follow the World Bank definition). If you are interested in purchasing the 2012 World Breast Cancer Report, please email with your name, institution and address. We will promptly reply with a cost estimate including packaging and postal delivery. Note that the report was printed in limited quantities.

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