NCID interview with Hilal al Sayer

NCID interview with Hilal al Sayer

February 1, 2013

Professor Hilal al Sayer
Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospital, Kuwait

Paediatric palliative care and development in Kuwait

Professor Hilal al Sayer talks about paediatric palliative care and the opening of the Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospital in Kuwait. Until recently there has been little or no palliative treatment or holistic care for children or adult patients in Kuwait. Professor al Sayer began work on creating the Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospital after a personal experience with a patient and their family. Now the hospital, which opened in 2012, is one of the largest in the area for palliative care.

Treating patients both at the hospital and in their own homes, Professor al Sayer advises doctors on the importance of how to discuss end of life treatment with the family and the need to do so.

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