NCID interview with Clement Adebamowo

NCID interview with Clement Adebamowo

February 1, 2013

Dr Clement Adebamowo
Institute of Human Virology, Abuja, Nigeria

The impact of breast cancer in Africa

Dr Clement Adebamowo talks about the lack of knowledge and literature on the topic of breast cancer in Africa. Only in the last decade has epidemiological data on breast cancer in Africa been published. Many cases in African countries present in women around the age of 40, where as cases in more developed countries present around 50 or 60. This disparity has many clinical, social and psychological effects; however, the number of incidences is not higher in Africa. Research also suggests that cultural attitudes towards obesity and smoking need to change. In addition, Dr Adebamowo notes that there is a need to increase the priority of screening and mammography, as well as the creation of regional centres for treatment.

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