NCID interview with Brian Hook

NCID interview with Brian Hook

February 1, 2013

Brian Hook
Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Partnership

Combining the Red Ribbon, HIV, and Pink Ribbon, breast cancer, campaigns

Brian Hook talks about the launch of the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Partnership. The partnership, which was launched in September 2011, aims to use the platform and structures of the Red Ribbon, HIV/AIDS, and campaign to screen for women’s cancers. Breast and cervical cancer are both connected to HIV and as many women overcome the difficulties of HIV, they are later dying of cancer. Hook says that the platform exists with the ability to integrate the screening process for both diseases. After starting in September 2011, the partnership announced the first country where the programme would launch in December. The programme currently operates in Zambia and Botswana with many more to come. Hook also discusses the political, social and economical issues that the partnership aims to tackle in the coming years.

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