NCID interview with Anne Merriman

NCID interview with Anne Merriman

February 1, 2013

Professor Anne Merriman
Hospice Africa, Uganda

Palliative care and affordable morphine

Professor Anne Merriman explains the importance of affordable palliative care and expanding the distribution of prescribed morphine. In Africa, the largest problem facing palliative care workers involves overcoming the stereotypes and negative connotations associated with morphine.

Many believe that the use of morphine will bring problems such as addiction and deviation from prescribed courses. Professor Merriman worked to bring affordable morphine to patients since 1993 where she started talks in Kenya and Uganda, which now see production and distribution within the country. Only 15 countries in Africa currently allow the prescribing of morphine. Professor Merriman stresses that if a patient’s pain cannot be controlled than holistic care cannot be brought in either.

To combat these problems, programmes such as the ‘Initiators Programme’ and a degree in palliative care have been developed to train people in proper methods of treating patients.

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