NCID 2012 interview with Paul Ndom

NCID 2012 interview with Paul Ndom

February 1, 2013

Dr Paul Ndom
Taounde University, Cameroon

Cancer care in Cameroon and treatment options

Dr Paul Ndom talks about NGO activists, cancer care in Cameroon and the Chemotherapy Solidarity Association (SOCHIMIO). The growing problem of cancer diagnosis in Cameroon, as in other African countries, is the main concern with a lack of facilities and trained staff. Previously, funding was given only to the prevention of infectious disease, but now with the rise of cancer cases, funding for prevention research has begun in Cameroon. Many patients never see a doctor outside of their village and can only be seen by a physician when the can travel to them, making consistent treatment very difficult. To correct this problem Dr Ndom stress the need for awareness and action on the part of the government and collaboration with other institutes.

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