Aasim Yusuf

Aasim Yusuf

February 1, 2013

Dr Aasim Yusuf
Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Lahore, Pakistan

Improving cancer care in Pakistan

Dr Aasim Yusuf talks about the current state of cancer care in Pakistan.
The large differences in cancer care in Pakistan compared to the United Kingdom and the United states revolve around the focus on primary care rather than diagnostics. At the moment the large majority of hospitals do not have the facilities or the trained staff to handle the increasing number of cancer cases each year. As Pakistan’s life expectancy has risen in the past decades from 35 to 65, more and more cases present with only around 150-trained oncologist for the whole of the country.
Dr Yusuf advises that to tackle the situation there must be a push in training in vital areas like diagnostics.
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