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"Prevention is so much better than healing because it saves the labour of being sick." Thomas Adams, 1618"Prevention is so much better than healing because it saves the labour of being sick."
Thomas Adams, 1618

Twalib Ngoma


Twalib Ngoma

Twalib Ngoma is one of Africa’s foremost radiation oncologists with special interest in cancer control. He trained at the Christie Hospital in Manchester and Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow in the 1980’s and then went back to his home country, Tanzania, where he now works as the Executive Director of the Ocean Road Cancer Institute. He is also the Director of INCTR’s Tanzania office and a member of the Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear applications (SAGNA) which advises he IAEA Director General on the Agency’s activities in the application of nuclear techniques carries out within the programmes of Food and Agriculture, Human Health, Water Resources, Assessment and Management of the Marine and Terrestrial Environments, and Radioisotope Production and Radiation Technology, in terms of their relevance, delivery and impact. He has a leading role in Tanzania as the local coordinator and Secretary of the steering committee for the development of a National Cancer Control Strategy and Action Plan and in this role is an influential governmental advisor. After the selection of Tanzania by the International Atomic Energy Agency to be one of the PACT Model Demonstration Sites for the development of multidisciplinary capacity-building projects in cancer control, Twalib Ngoma became a PACT Consultant and National Coordinator. As the immediate past President of the African Organization for Research and Training in Africa, he is also addressing the challenges of controlling cancer throughout the continent, where the obstacles posed by limited resources mirror those of his native country.

"La grandeur d'un métier
est peut être avant tout
d'unir les hommes...

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