Michel Smans

michel smans

Michel Smans

Chief Technology Officer

Michel Smans was born in Brussels, Belgium, and received a Master’s Degree of Mathematics from the University of Namur. After two years working as Research Assistant to Professor E. Schifflers, he joined the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon and started to transpose advanced mathematical techniques to descriptive epidemiology. He developed the Cancer Mapping Project before moving to the unit of Biostatistics, and later created the IT Support team, expanding its range of activities over the years.

Michel has held board positions in IT user societies at the French and European level while keeping a strong interest in his original studies in descriptive epidemiology, particularly cancer mapping and Incidence and Mortality Databases.

Michel Smans joined the International Prevention Research Institute as Chief Technology Officer in March 2011 with the dual responsibility of ensuring the highest standards of information technology and mathematical excellence for the Institute.

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