Burden of sunbed use in France

Burden of sunbed use in France

May 23, 2012

A new study conducted by iPRI, and published the 23thof May in the Bulletin d’Epidemiologie Hebdomadaire, evaluates the impact of sunbed use on the incidence of cutaneous melanoma in France.

With 13.4% of users in France, as reported by the Baromètre Cancer 2010 of the INPES, sunbed is estimated to cause 347 melanoma cases each year. If the survival of these melanomas caused by sunbed does not differ from other melanomas, this estimation would correspond to 76 deaths per year. Several scenarios were computed and the estimated burden figures range from 566 to 2,288 deaths over 30 years. This burden is equivalent to that of a recently banned anti-diabetic drug.

The release of this study has received important press coverage: Le Figaro, 20 Minutes, Le Monde, Auféminin.com, Slate.fr, Journal International de Médecine, La Croix

The Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, has responded to this new study on Wednesday and has announced a strengthening of French regulation on sunbed.

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