6th NCID meeting in Lyon

6th NCID meeting in Lyon

April 11, 2011

Cancer Centre Directors and leading cancer scientists will meet at iPRI between 16-18th May, 2011. The informative programme will range over presentation of forthcoming advances in oncology and new initiatives in cancer prevention and research. Over 80 experts from a variety of countries at all resource levels have indicated their participation.

The first meeting of National Cancer Institute Directors took place at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy when five National Cancer Institute Directors enjoyed a two day meeting and Symposium. Since 2002, meetings of National Cancer Institute Directors have known a growing success with continually increasing participation to these meetings. Since inception attendees representing a wide range of countries including China, India, Brazil, Russian Federation, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Korea, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Belgium, United States of America, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Guinee, Turkey, Tanzania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Algeria, Canada, Nepal and Sierra Leone have been in attendance.

There will be an increased emphasis on clinical aspects of cancer compared to previous meetings. In particular, there will be presentations on some new aspects of therapy and new approaches to cancer care with discussion on barriers to introducing targeted therapy into routine clinical practice in a range of countries at different resource settings.

The growing cancer burden worldwide presents serious problems of public health and healthcare delivery in all parts of the world. It needs also to be recognised that there are two types of individuals at the centre of this forthcoming epidemic: those patients with cancer and those at risk if developing the disease. Delivery of effective cancer care to patients in countries at all resource levels is of crucial importance. It is also critical to identify and implement effective cancer prevention strategies to contribute to reducing the cancer burden.

A limited number of attendees could still be accommodated. Further details can be obtained by contacting the secretariat at ncid-info@i-pri.org

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