Prof. Boyle, Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Boyle, Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

February 21, 2011

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It is with pleasure that we announce the appointment of Peter Boyle as Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, from December 2010.

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) is the most important and prestigious learned society of Hungary.

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The history of the academy began in 1825, when Count István Széchenyi offered one year’s income of his estate for the purposes of a Learned Society and his example was followed by other delegates. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ membership is comprised of full, corresponding, external, and honorary members. Citizens of foreign countries can be elected to become external or honorary members of HAS. Scholars or scientists active in a foreign country can be elected to become Honorary Members of HAS if they pursue their field of science on an internationally recognized level, and whose achievement is worthy of the special esteem of Hungarian scientific life.

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The number of full HAS members is standing at 249 at present with an additional 92 corresponding members. Doctors of the Academy number appr. 2500 at the present time.

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